1970 Porsche 911 T Targa Converted to CONVERTIBLE -scary!

rita horner phd thesis These conversions are nuts, this one does not come with the roof attached.  I bet it flex’s like ballerina in the turns.  If the prices is right that could be a nice beater for summer time.  Engine looks fit.$T2eC16F,!)!E9s2f!GJMBRPVN5nhHQ~~60_3[1] $T2eC16ZHJGIE9nnWrPVbBRPVPIgy0Q~~60_3[1] $T2eC16Z,!)8E9s4l8!d(BRPVOzlgQ!~~60_3[1] $T2eC16F,!y8E9s2fjFN3BRPVN(pBGw~~60_3[1] $T2eC16N,!zoE9s5nd85qBRPVONizd!~~60_3[1] $T2eC16d,!wsE9suwywewBRPVNoNkeg~~60_3[1] $T2eC16F,!ykE9s7tw!lgBRPVOg1jsg~~60_3[1]

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