About Page

Hi, my name is Wayne Lambright.  I have over 11 years automotive experience from being a technician at BMW to working in sales at BMW, landrover and Porsche.  I’m passionate about cars.  The goal of this site is to help bring old cars back to life.

When I was a kid my parents has a 1952 Porsche 356 Convertible V windshield.  My dad said it had a roller bearing crank and only eight were like this.  It had white exterior. I still have the original plant manufacturing badge.   I’m looking to build a team of contributors for each category.  I also had a California Bar 1 and Bar 2 smog licence, I mention because it give you a full understanding of how to repair and diagnose all systems.  I can make any car run.  Suck, Squeze, Bang, Blow.  Lefty looseie, Right tighttie.  Put it on the way you took it off.  Be smarter then what your working on.  If a man made it, a man can fix it.  Congratulations your now a mechanic, go take something apart and feel proud when you put it back together and it works.